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Following the current situation and the measures around the COVID-19 virus.


Dear Ambrogio15 Customers,

Amidst growing concerns about the Coronavirus disease and news of its spread, we aim to maintain a fluid communication with our customer base.

We want to alert you to the added precautionary measures that we have implemented at Ambrogio15, due to the current dynamic situation. Following are alterations we are making to our operating procedures, in order to prioritize our guests and employees’ health and well-being while providing you with the best out of home experience possible. By the nature of our restaurant design, our venues feature an intimate environment.

Considering the California health official’s mandate for public gatherings, we are taking steps to reduce the seating occupancy in our restaurant, and will increase space between tables to adhere to social distancing guidelines. We are working to reduce our the number of seats available, as well as implementing staggered seating procedures.

While we encourage maintaining social distance in our restaurants, we will not prevent families and friends from sitting next to each other. Along with this initiative, we will be focusing our resources towards providing a safer and cleaner setting.

As we learn more about this virus, we are prepared to further modify operations on a restaurant-by-restaurant-basis to ensure the health and safety of our guests and employees. Although we remain hopeful that the situation will be controlled, we are closely monitoring new developments and are prepared to modify operation models if we feel this will further enhance the safety and health of our guests and employees.

As we navigate this ongoing situation, our management is taking guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and local authorities. Following their guidance, we respectfully ask that if you are sick or feeling under the weather you consider staying home. For those of you able to join us, we encourage you wash your hands frequently with soap and take precautions as necessary.

For now, we continue to operate all our locations as we strive to offer our guests a safe and secure setting to enjoy with these enhanced procedures in place, to help curtail the spread of COVID-19. We thank you for your continued support, and we will continue to keep you informed as we take action.

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Michelle Parente from the San Diego Union Tribute has given her verdict about the best pizza in San Diego in 2020. We did not get informed of her article, now she already voted our Prosciutto Crudo Burrata Pizza as her top bite of 2018. So when we saw the article, we knew good things were coming to us.

Here is what Giacomo Pizzigoni had to say about the article and the result:

We literally worked our ass off for the past 4 years to get where we are now. This award means a lot to us!
Our passion and respect for Italian cuisine and gastronomy, for the biodiversity and the culture of our amazing Country, for the raw materials we use, for the pairings we do and for our pizza is the secret of our success! And we could’t have done that without an amazing team. And, most of all, without all of YOU that have been pushing us to get better and better! Now let’s focus on the new Ambrogio, coming soon to the Del Mar. It will bring pizza to a whole new level!

Ambrogio15 Pizza is downright a labor of love. Our cooks that make our dough with attention and let it proof to perfection for 48 hours. Our Chefs that make sure that your Pizza is cooked perfectly every time. The three owners who are in our two locations every day and ensure that everything that goes smoothly. Our manager and servers that have the pleasure to assist you in ordering the perfect dish. They all work extremely hard every day. Have been doing so the past four years. Being named at the top of the list like this is very gratifying.

Screenshot of the Article

Was San Diego the #1 city for Pizza in 2013?

Now, let’s put some background to all this. in 2013, Trip Advisor named San Diego as the #1 city for Pizza in America. And New York #4. New York is supposedly the landmark for Pizza in the American culture. Why? Because of the quantity of Italian immigrants that arrived through Ellis Island at the turn of the last century. This poll caused rage in New York. Insults flying towards other cities who were not even trying to claim supremacy. Instead of rage and supremacy, we will tell the story of three friends from Milano that arrived in the United States through San Diego Airport.

At the turn of the century, or even in 2013 in San Diego, Ambrogio15 was not there. Our three owners opened up thePacific Beach location Ambrogio15 in 2016. The success of this first location got them to open the second location in Little Italy Food Hall and now for 2020, we will be opening a third location in Del Mar. This Del Mar project is special for us, as to bring even more the Gourmet aspect in Pizza, we are partnering with famous Michelin Star Chef Silvio Saimoiraghi.

Trip Advisor Users Best Restaurant in San Diego

Back to Trip Advisor, and its users, that have been ranking Ambrogio15 as #1 restaurant in San Diego for the past couple years. We have consistent wonderful ratings from our Yelpers, and people reviewing us on Google. We appreciate every single one of you and therefore thank you for eating with us on a regular basis.

Having the support of the community has been great since day one and it is our biggest pride. However, being credited by the press with the Best Pizza in San Diego is an honor. We are very proud to receive it, and therefore we thank Michelle Parente and The Union Tribune. We really appreciate topping this list, and in conclusion, we are doing this for YOU!

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