From Alexandra, Founder and Gelataia Cor di Gelato


“As a child, my father and I would spend time together making homemade gelato with ice, Tupperware, and good old fashioned elbow grease. These are some of my fondest memories with family and friends. I was born in Brazil, but my family has Italian roots and just as any good Italian-Brazilian family would, we have always had the passion to craft our food from scratch. This way of cooking was instilled in me since I was very young.

When I first visited Italy I was able to fully realize and appreciate the traditions rooted so deeply in me. After years of being a wife and stay at home mother to my children I had begun to find my purpose and calling and was ready to move on to the next path in my journey.

Later on I returned to Italy and started the Chef Gelatiere training at the Gelato University in Bologna where I was able to learn the art of artisanal gelato in its most traditional form. With the passion planted deep inside as a child and the knowledge of the traditions and techniques of my ancestors, Cor di Gelato is born.”

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