Cor di Gelato Big Pints



Size: 20 oz

Flavors: “Avocado and White Coffee” – “Mixed Berries and Cheesecake”


Product Description

White coffee

This unique flavors is made by a cold brew process with a well selected coffee beans that make this flavor so creamy and flavored.
This process take 24 hours for aging and extract the best flavors from the beans.


This flavor is inspired in a Brazilian way of eating avocado that is a sweet rather than salted!

Brazilian cheesecake

This is a flavor inspired in a Brazilian dessert called Romeo and Juliet that consist in a slice of Brazilian white cheese and a slice of guava marmalade, we added some Graham crumbled to Remind the traditional cheesecake.

Mixed Berries

A balance mix of raspberries, strawberries and blackberries

Additional Information


Avocado and White Coffee, Mixed Berries and Cheesecake


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